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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guide to Feeding Your Baby With Less Mess

Let's face it. Our babies are messy eaters. We know because we experience it virtually every day during meal times. So it's little wonder we're always looking for ways to make eating time less messy, and cleaning up a lot easier.

To make eating more fun and less messy, we recommend using a good baby bib, particularly one designed not to stain easily. Polyester and nylon are among some of the most widely-used stain-resistant materials in the market, but individually, they suffer from drawbacks. Nylon has the resilience but not resistance to stain; polyester doesn’t stain easily but is not very durable.

Bibbitec created a product that contains both materials allowing us to enjoy their beneficial features. The result is a wipe-clean, full coverage poly-nylon blend baby bib that has the resilience and stain resistance to help keep babies and toddlers clean even while they’re eating and making a mess.

Other ways of reducing the mess when the baby’s eating can include using a suction-type bowl, limiting the serving to a small amount, and using a splash mat around the baby’s chair. It won’t eliminate the need for cleaning, but it can make the chore easier, along with the help of our stain-resistant bib. 

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