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The Ultimate Bib is the only bib your child will ever need. The Ultimate Bib delivers cleanliness and ease in a single bound. The Ultimate Bib's cozy, stain-resistant, fast-drying, soft, lightweight material has the strength of a superhero, the adaptability of a Supermom. Visit our website for more details.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some Tips for Stress-Free Fun Time with Kids

Ideally, fun with the toddlers at home should take away the stress of life’s other demands. In reality, fun with kids can also be stressful. However, there’s one way to at least minimize the stress caused by playtime. If one thing works for kids, it’s being creative. Creativity helps children to develop their minds, to express themselves, and to learn social skills. Parents can empower that creativity in kids by trying out some tips.

How to Take Care of Baby Bibs

When it comes to baby clothes, parents have to be meticulous about everything that they let their child wear. Among the things that often gets messy is the baby's bib. Most of the time, babies wear this bib around their neck to catch the excess food and milk from their little mouths or their baby drools or baby saliva. Whatever the case, baby bibs are one piece of clothing that little babies must not do without. Here are a few tips to ensure that the bib and your little tot stays healthy, clean and protected.

Friday, January 24, 2014

By Popular Demand: Innovative Bibs Maker Now Supplying Retail Stores

Customers from other states who would like to see our products sold at stores closer to their location can rest assured that Bibbitec is working hard to find more partners that will offer the best baby bibs on the market. We’ve made it our company’s goal in 2014 to find retail outlets that will sell our products in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and other major cities across the country.

To make our search easier, we’d like to encourage our customers and fans to suggest retailers who embody the same ideals we strive to live by. If you know of stores that focus primarily on products that bring extraordinary value to their customers, we’d love to hear from you about them.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Save 15% on Bibs and Smocks When You Participate in the Bibbitec Promo

"Feeding your baby can be a very messy experience. Fortunately, like most exasperating childhood behavior, this too shall pass. In the meantime, you can make the process of cleaning up after your adorable one a little easier, thanks to bibbitec® baby products.

Now, there’s more reason for you to buy bibbitec®, as we are offering a 15% discount on bibs and smocks to all of you who can tell us your favorite retail baby store where you’d like to see our products sold. All you need to do is send an email to with the name, address, and phone number of your favorite store.