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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Modern Bib: Making Parenting Easy

A baby without a bib is always a few minutes away from making a mess. That cute bundle of joy you have in your arms is an expert mess-maker that is just waiting for the right moment to strike. Thankfully, today’s advancements in technology are also helping parents keep their children free from dirt.
Some children’s accessories companies, like BibbiTec, specialize in bibs that are highly effective in keeping the mess away from clothing. Cutting-edge bib materials are changing the way parents combat grime and food that eventually turn into stains. The most popular bibs in the market today are the ones that can be slipped on easily, yet provides an extensive barrier against mess.
Water-resistant and absorbent bibs are quickly becoming the top choice because of their efficiency and convenience. You don’t have to waste time changing bib after bib and piling up the laundry. Find a bib that can be wiped clean directly after use or can be tossed into the washer without having to scrub dirt off first.
In keeping with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, having one bib that can do the work of ten is really an advantage. You can say goodbye to lugging baby bags brimming with bibs when going out with the family or spending more money on bibs that will soon wear out from overuse.

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